Praying Mantises!

The best learning environment oven comes from a hands-on learning experience.  Seeing things in action, not just a textbook makes learning memorable and effective!

Today we "unleashed" nearly 400 praying mantises!  The girls couldn't stop talking about them and it led to some great discussions!  They learned so much and we had FUN!

I have a few fun pictures for you, but first I wanted to share some interesting facts about praying mantises...because I know you are dying to know:)

*These carnivorous insects can turn their heads up to 180 degrees in search of insects (food).
*A praying mantis can see up to 60 feet away
*They live about 12 months
*There are about 1,800 species
*Species in Asia can reach up to 10 inches long!

Here are some pictures from The Moffatt Girls!  I will admit...they gave me the creeps!  I still feel a little itchy when I think about them:)

Do you want you own bunch?  Hop on over to The Moffatt Girls blog to see where to get your container of praying mantises and to see more pictures!

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