In my kindergarten classroom, I have come to learn that much of having great classroom management comes when you give kinders...

And I say it that way because!

You can't give it all day one, but you can (and should) start laying the ground work and expectations. Expectations is how I describe my overall philosophy on classroom management. When students know what to expect and how high they are expected to achieve, they are much more likely to be on board, cooperative, happy and secure.

One of the ways I have students take responsibility in our classroom is in using daily folders. I don't file papers for our students, they do this themselves. I don't report their choices to their parents, they do. So, I've shared what our daily folders look like and how organization plays a role in their everyday lives in kindergarten. 

Students use it to record their behavior and much more. Click the image above to read more about building responsibility!

Oh yes, and what's classroom management in Kindergarten without a little flair and the feeling of magic?! I share how I use flower power during guided reading groups to help make things run a little more smoothly and send a quiet, but loud-speaking signal to my kinders.

Click the image to read more about how you too can have instantaneous flower power!

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