Retelling in Kindergarten with Classic Stories (Turned Literacy Center)

It has been almost forever since I've shared about our literacy centers in kindergarten. But, I'll be the first one to admit... there is one center that can distract my attention away from my guided reading groups. I almost strain from halfway across the room to hear the book language my kinders are using and to listen to the third little pig say, "Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!"

My kinders know this as our retell center. It's all about developing a love of books by playing out the parts, recalling text, and every part of a story. (Tightly related to Common Core standards K.RL.1, K.RL.2 and K.RL.3)

I'd love to share about how my kinders come to know these books so well that they can retell them independently and how it lends itself to lots of cooperative learning and social skill building. Over 15 thousand people have pinned this idea and seem to found a use for those left over beanie babies! {All kidding aside, I found I already had many of the props I needed.} Do any of these stories seem familiar to the typical K class?

Made with: magnets & cookie sheet
Made with: scanned pictures
Made with: homemade & printables
Made with: dollar tree leaves

With many more book ideas and links to printable resources (most are free), I invite you to check out if a retell center might be of use to you in your classroom!

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