Sanity Savers

classroom management tips
Do you sometimes feel like an air traffic controller?
Keeping your students engaged, learning, and on schedule.
And then, this happens, one child raises (hopefully) their hand 
and all of a sudden you've lost control.

Your kids are all over the place!
You wish you could change your name.  
All your students are talking out of turn.

Try these Sanity Savers:
Classroom Management Signs
I purchased these classroom management signs and love them.  In the beginning of the year, I walk around with them.  I always keep them readily at hand.  

My Turn, Your Turn
Last year, I became familiar with this term when working with special needs students. The beauty about this is that it works with ALL learners.  Basically, you teach the children the behaviors you expect for My Turn and Your Turn.  In my classroom, My Turn, means I am teaching.  I need you to listen attentively, to sit correctly, and to look at me or the materials I am using.  During Your Turn, it means you are working alone or with a friend to show me what your learned during My Turn.  If a child tries to interrupt during My Turn, I look at them and say My Turn.  This stops them about 9 out of 10 times.  It really has helped me keep us focused on learning.  

Help Box
A Help Box is a visual reference of what students need to do while working independently.   This one is very basic. I used a mini pocket chart and icons that I found in this book.  Although, you could easily make these to fit your needs.

After each lesson, I display the steps to complete the task.  As the students work, they look at the Help Box to see what to do next, instead of asking me. I love that it fosters independence and is all standard based.  In some instances, I provide an example of what to do. This especially important in math like the one  I used here.  

Looking for even more ideas?  Stop by my blog to see what other Classroom Management Tips, I have to share with you to make teaching and learning even more successful in your classrooms.

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