Schools Out!! Insert Creativity and To Do Lists!!

I finished school this week. Insert big excitement here! It was so bittersweet. Seriously, students were crying, I was crying...we were a hot mess! I think this year I had the best class ever. They were so witty and totally got me. They were like tiny adults. Haha! I didn’t want the year to end because who knows who will be in my class next school year. Last year, welllet’s just say I developed an eye twitch for a reason! Haha! Don’t worry, it went away last summer but seriously I was thinking I may need to start therapy to make it go away. J

Moving onI am totally in next year mode right now. I have to do lists a hundred miles long. Last year I had a jungle theme but I wanted to incorporate brighter colors so I made a whole new set. I LOVE it! 
It is amazing how each weekend during school I am stressed for time but this weekend I am just moving along, feeling like I am running through a field of daisies. It's nice to not feel rushed!

Do you have a classroom theme? Come over to my blog and share what you are working on this summer and what your theme will be. Inquiring minds want to know!

Have a great day! 

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