Science Fair Help!

If you hear "Science Fair Project" and feel a simultaneous knot in the pit of your stomach, I can relate. As a parent you know you have a time consuming, material gathering frenzy in front of you and as a teacher you know that what lies before you -really trying to teach  a complex procedure with new and unfamiliar vocabulary to little ones.

At our school we have very specific expectations for each grade level regarding the science fair. Every teacher is expected to complete one class project along with some other student activity. In second grade, our job is to complete the class project and then have each student create a mini-show board of that project. The hope is that by fourth/fifth grade the students have been exposed to and taken part in the science project process and it's not quite the fear-inducing assignment that it sometimes becomes.

I recently blogged a bit more about my specific class project and even included a copy for you to use as inspiration for your own or as a jumping off point for you next year. So, click {HERE} to read a bit more about it!


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