Sense Like a Shark!

Friends~I have been trying to get myself into summer mode.  Who knew it would take me sooooo long to do so!  I love being home with my kiddos but it certainly is an adjustment.

     We are getting ready to go to the beach and my little guy Ian is obsessed right now with sharks!  I think he is still feeding on his Ocean Learning the last week of school.  I am going to surprise him today and do a little experiment that I used in 2nd grade when we studied sharks.   It is pretty simple.  Sharks have AMAZING senses.  The can feel electrical pulses and movement in the water with their Lateral Line and Ampullae.  Below you can see how my 2nd graders tested this with balloons!
This little gal has the longest arm hair EVER! 

True Focus!

It is really simple to do!  Just head to your local library and grab a copy of Sharks By Gail Gibbons or another other shark book that will discuss their senses.   You can also click the book below and preview the pages you need! 
 Blow up a couple of balloons and print out a copy of the sheets below.  Just click to download! 

Then have your kiddos rub the balloons onto their arms and legs.  The rubbing will create electricity and their hair will stand on end!  It is such a cool feeling and it is really neat to think that sharks feel this every time a fish or HUMAN swims buy.  

I can't wait because I know where this is going to lead!  Balloons being rubbed on heads and wacky hair dos!  I can't wait for the fun pictures!  

You can read more about my 2nd grade Shark Fun and see some of the other activities I did with my class.   There is lots of fun to be had at HOME this summer with SHARKS!  
Click the image below to visit Help! SHARK!  

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