Spelling can be fun, if we let it be!

Spelling and reading can be a lot of fun, if we make it fun. So today, I'd like to share some awesome ways to get your young ones to start practicing their spelling words. 

1) The Lite Brite. All you need is the Lite Brite machine, black paper, a spelling list, and the little pegs that come with the machine. The kids can then spell out words by poking the little pegs through the paper and into the Lite Brite machine.
2) A Tape Recorder. The supplies needed for this would be any tape recorder, cassette, and a list of spelling words.  First; they will record themselves reading the words into the tape recorder, then without looking at their list, they will spell it out. When they have finished spelling out their words, they will rewind the tape and listen to themselves, checking to see if they spelled each word correctly by using the spelling list provided.
3) Spell in the Pudding. What you'll need is some white paper, chocolate pudding, smocks, and a list of spelling words. While wearing smocks, the kids will scoop out some pudding, place it on their paper, and spread it out. Then they will spell out their spelling words in the pudding using their fingers.
4)  Cut and Paste Letters. All that is needed are some old magazines, glue, safety scissors, white paper, and a list of spelling words. Kids will look for and cut out letters, and glue them onto their papers to make their spelling words.
5) Pipe cleaner can be used as a great way to bend and twist to make letters, and spell out words too.
6) Play-dough and cookie cutters (if you can find some with letters) would also be a cute and fun idea too.

I hope you have found some great ideas to help encourage your kids to start spelling. Feel free to stop by my blog for more fun and creative ways to learn.

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