Square Numbers and Daily 5--What Do They Have in Common??!?

What do Square Numbers and Daily 5 have in common??! They are my newest products!

I made an activity pack on Square Numbers to conincide with a multiplication unit. The pack reinforces learning about square numbers and square facts. You may remember the following foldable from my math notebooks--the template is one of included activities, along with a tutorial:

And you can see in the picture below that the pack also includes a math journal page, 3 games, bookmarks, a chart, and vocab cards! I am so excited about it and sad that I won't get to use it with first grade, hahahahahaha. I hope this is something that you are able to use!

I also made rotation cards to go along with my ocean-themed Daily 5 and CAFE poster sets. I posted this a few days ago and a lot of you have already downloaded it. Feel free to head over and download your FREE copy!

Available in kid clip art...
...or ocean clip art!
Snag any of the products listed above by visiting one of my blog! Click below to get there!

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