Summer DIY Projects with Paint Chips

Do you have more time on your hands now that it's summer? Itching to get some crafting done? I know I'll be going to Pinterest a lot this summer to get crafting ideas and I headed there today for some ideas.

I help out at a hardware store sometimes and every time I walk past the paint display, I'm always wanting to get paint samples because I absolutely love the colors. They just jump out at me saying, "Take me home! Create something with me!"  These are what I grabbed today.

Great color variety right? 

So what am I going to do with them you ask? I have seen so many great ideas about using paint samples on Pinterest, especially for the classroom such as using the color names for adjectives in writing or writing word families on each color, to bookmarks with shapes punched out.

Since it is summer time, I would like to make something that would be for the home. I've posted some of my favorite pins on my blog today, that I can't wait to make. What would you make with paint samples?

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