Summer Early Literacy Practice

Although my students have two full and two half days left of this school year, yesterday was the last day I formally pulled my Kinderkids due to special events.  As I think back to the beginning of the year when some of my little ones had never even held a pencil or a crayon before, I think about the amazing progress they all have made. I am so proud of them!  

As the school year closes, I now worry about regression over the summer.  Usually my district offers a summer reading program, but unfortunately it is not being offered this year due to budget cuts.  As a reading teacher, I work with the little ones who truly need that daily practice and reinforcement in order to maintain what they have learned.  Knowing that routines will soon be changing at home once school gets out, I wanted to provide my parents with some fast and fun early literacy activities they could easily slide into their routine.  So I created a little calendar for the months of July and August.  Each weekday I listed a simple activity that could be done almost anywhere.  I tried to keep them somewhat quick so that parents can combine a day or two together in case they need to skip a day.  

In addition to the packet from me that included a letter to the parents, their list of sight words, and the calendar I sent my Kinderkids home with this little sweet treat:
The flowers each say, "Have a sweet summer!  Love, Mrs. McKown"  They were very excited about taking home these goodies!  Can you guess which item they were most excited about?  

Come on by to get your FREE copy of the calendar.  I would also love to hear how you try to prevent that summer slide!

~ Mrs. McKown

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