Summer Slide: It's Just Not For Students Anymore

Here is an excerpt to a post from my blog:

As I sit here on my very first day of summer vacation, making lists in my head about what I should do to prepare for my flock of firsties this coming August, it seems that I now have ADHD and cannot think about, oh look there's a squirrel... You get the idea.  I have wanted to jump on the book study bandwagon, but can't seem to commit; I have wanted to share my classroom management ideas, but can't manage the time to put it all in writing; I have wanted to blog about my experience with Common Core, but other experiences are getting in the way; and I have just wanted to clear my head enough to think good teacher thoughts so I can share them with all of you, my blogging buddies, who share consistently and wholeheartedly.  

Is summer the time for me to recharge and get ready for what is to come my way in August or is it the time for me to allow the summer slide to have its way with me?  I can almost hear your thoughts as you might want to agree with me, but maybe afraid that big brother is watching!

To keep reading my thoughts on the Summer Slide, hop on over to my blog by clicking below.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, since I have a feeling that I may have hit home with many of us!

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