Super Hero I CAN Posters and Spanish Resources

Today, I have English and Spanish resources for the Common Core Standards. 

I created the I CAN posters in a super hero theme. I also translated the Kindergarten Language Arts component. Some of the standards are broken down for you. They are written down as a checklist for each category of Language Arts.  You can place them in your lesson plan book for quick reference.  The date is just an extra column to use as you wish. It could be the date taught or date mastered. Some teachers might add the checklist to a student portfolio. I like to add this to the weekly folder to keep parents informed of student expectations and progress.  

Free English and Spanish checklists for Kindergarten Language Arts.

Update: I finished the Kindergarten I Can posters for the Common core Standards.
I decided to make this as a PDF and an Editable version as well. You will receive both files in one download. 

Lidia R. Barbosa
Note: My KidsReadingActivities blog has a new name- Kinder Alphabet:)

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