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New App For Classroom Management!!

With summer now well under way, many of us are putting some serious thought into what our classrooms will work like next year.  Many of us start at the same places: How will I arrange my desks, level my library, and what will be hanging on the walls?  By the time the students arrive, everything will be in it's proper place, labeled and tucked away ready for our group of incoming students to begin learning. 

Now, jump forward to when the students actually arrive to begin classes.  Are they executing on your vision?  Are our classrooms and students actually interacting with each other be the way we pictured it in our minds all summer?  If not, why aren't they?  A strong possibility is that they are not on board or aware of your vision, and are not taking ownership in their own classrooms. 

Recently, I was contacted by Tracey Garrett, who has created Classroom Management Essentials, which is a must for any educator interested in establishing effective rules and routines, developing caring relationships, and preventing and responding to discipline problems.  Classroom Management Essentials is a self-guided, interactive professional development tool for teachers to learn about classroom management.   It is the perfect time to consider this type of product, during the summer and before you've gotten in to a routine with your classes.


Classroom Management Essentials has interactive features, lectures, video clips, plus more. Classroom Management Essentials is designed to benefit both novice and veteran teachers as well as those serving in supervisory roles.  Each unit contains advice from a subject matter expert, easy to use reference pages, and many other great features.  I personally found that one of the best things about this app is that it is grounded in and driven by practicality.  Both the app itself, and the real-life execution strategies discussed within it, are very easily adopted and can be maintained over time. 

Classroom Management Essentials is now available in two platforms, an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or a Udemy course. The Udemy course is a great way for non-iOS device owners to be able to access this product using their Kindle Fires, Droids, and other platforms.  Here is a look at some inside shots from the app:

Disclosure: TBA has been compensated for time spent on this review.

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