Teacher Blogging Tips - Get Searched and Add a Search Widget

Being a teacher blogger is a such an incredible experience! You have to be willing to put yourself out there and sometimes face {crickets} as in... 0 comments and days of wondering if anyone is reading! So fellow teacher blogger, I salute you! Here are two top tips that I recommend for getting the most out of your hard work!

Blogger.com recently updated how search engines (like Google, Yahoo, etc.) can search your blog. You spend time writing your posts, so here's how you can increase the likelihood that your posts will get searched.

(Side note: If you like to post using all slides (like scrapbooking ones) but don't post a lot of words, it might be hard for a search engine to find you when someone is searching for content you've shared becuase they can't read the words on your photo you've uploaded. Be sure to find a balance between photos and words in order to be visually catching for your readers, but as equally fetching for search engines.)

Add the new search description feature to your blog:
  1. Go to your settings (on your blog's dashboard) and then choose search preferences. 
  2. Click "Edit" under Meta Tags.
  3. Choose "Yes" to enable search descriptions and save your changes.
  4. Type in a blog description. Describe your blog with your grade level/category, tag line and any keywords that someone may search for, that you often post about all written as a beautiful summary about your blog.
  5. Once you enable a description on your blog, then blogger will automatically add a description area for each post you create. This is key in getting your specific posts searched. This new feature will be on every post (when writing/editing them) located under your labels and scheduling options.
  6. Put those summary writing skills in practice and be sure to put in keywords that someone might be searching for and are related to what you're posting about.

Letting teachers find your previous posts and content is incredibly huge if you want them to stick around! So, make your blog user-friendly by adding a sidebar widget that allows them to type in anything and search your blog for it. 

Sometimes readers will remember the name of the post, the concept or the theme - let them find your stuff in the way they remembered it! Labels are great, but searching allows people to type in what was memorable to them to find it again, or to find more on what they're interested in (and what you have to say about it!)

Add a search bar/widget to your blog's sidebar:
  1. Go to your blog's layout on your dashboard.
  2. Select "Add a Gadget"
  3. Choose "Search Box"
  4. Save it. to where you want to feature it on your sidebar and test it out!

If you give either of these a try, leave your blog's address below and I'd love to check out your work! I hope these tips make the work you put into your blog reach even further.

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