Using a Clipboard for Classroom Management

Today TBA is hosting a Summer Feature on Classroom Management. I have linked up to share one of the systems I use with my class...

Some students make good choices all day long. And some students are not exactly sure what those good choices should be. With my sixth graders, I use a clipboard system to help students keep track of the behaviors they are working on and to help them make better choices in our classroom.

I honestly believe that some sixth graders are not aware that their most common social interaction is rolling their eyes. Others aren't cognizant of the fact that they are yelling out answers or comments throughout the day. Some arrive in sixth grade not knowing that I really DO expect them to participate, to remain on task, and to NOT throw things (why are those red pencil top erasers so often the choice for airborne expeditions?)  Many students simply need to learn that appropriate behaviors are expected--and celebrated.

My management program has several interwoven components and it is integrated into a classroom filled with structures and routines. To learn about how I use the clipboard system to keep track of (and help improve) behavior, hop on over to Finding Joy in Sixth Grade.

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