Values and A Sense of Place - History in the Making

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This is an exciting weekend because we are seeing history in the making. Today I saw the most marvellous spectacle and I knew that, not only was it something entertaining but it was a spectacle that I was unlikely to ever see again. I was part of something special.

It's difficult enough for children to understand the concept of time. let alone understand things that happened hundreds of years ago, and that they still have an impact on our lives now. How do we get children to appreciate that the unfolding present gives way to our past (you know, today's news is tomorrow's chip wrapping...)? That our present is delicately woven from past experiences? In other words, how do we teach History?

Pop on over to my blog to read about the amazing sights and sounds of history in the making today, the history I made for my class on Friday (the memory of which I know will stay with them for life), and how we bring history alive in our class.

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