Way to Go- Celebrating Helpful Choices

Are you ready to turn over the job of YOU being in charge of looking for the good behavior that allows a child to clip up the clip chart to one of your students?

In my classroom, we are a School Family. EVERYONE in the School Family has a job. One of the sweetest jobs I have ever seen is the job of the Cheerleader. The Cheerleader recognizes and celebrates helpful and kind acts. The Cheerleader starts the week off by getting his/her own celebration horn.

When the Cheerleader sees a kind/helpful act, he goes to that student and says, "I am going to celebrate you for __________________" and blows the celebration horn. The child that was celebrated replies, "Thank you for noticing that."

This will transform your classroom and give your teacher eye a break! =)

I would love for you to hop over to Heather's Heart to read more about the job of the Cheerleader, bubbles, and even some tattling tips. =)

From My Heart to Yours,

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