Get ready for Guided Math!

We are just about ready to start up the Guided Math party book study. Look for the first installment on Monday!
How can I address ALL the needs in my classroom during Math?

If you have ever pondered that question, then this book study is for you! 

Guided Math is a framework that allows you to use your professional judgment to structure your math instruction in a way that meets the needs of your students...whatever the readiness levels are (& if your class is like mine, they span a wide range!). As Laney Sammons says, "It moves away from a one-size-fits-all model and empowers teachers to determine the best instructional strategies for each student, for the class, and for the concepts being taught each day."

Don't have your book yet? You can still participate! Tomorrow's installment on Chapter 1 is an overview of Guided Math, its components, & structures. If you don't have your book, you'll have no problem starting after the 11th & catching up.

Come on over & check out our calendar and find out more about a pre-reading survey.


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