6 tips for creating {easy} anchor charts

I have a confession.  I am not an artist.  And while my students love my stick figure people {and dogs and cats and elephants} they surely do not hold a candle to some of the beautiful charts I've seen floating around Pinterest.

In my opinion, Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade is the queen of adorable anchor charts.  Hers are always unique, neat, colorful & creative.  I could seriously search through Google images of her stuff for hours.
{courtesy of Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade}
HOWEVER, instead of having major anchor envy I realized it doesn't have to be as hard as it looks.  I just had to make some tweaks and set the bar lower.  {ha!}  I've tried a few tips & tricks out and am happy to say that the result was cute charts, a sense of satisfaction and not a migraine!  ;)  You don't have to be a closet artist either.

Come over to my blog {click the button below} to see how you can make easier anchor charts with transparency help, your friend the laminating machine, scrapbook paper and more.

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