A Light to Write!

Friends~I was out shopping at Target and I found the best lamp for my Writing Center!  Check it out below!

It is a total "Light Bulb" Lamp!  When I begin Writer's Workshop I always start talking about where we get out ideas.  I am totally flipping this light on to show that I got an idea to write about when I introduced the Writing Center.

I also picked up 5 more Smencils for my collection!  This is a favorite writing tool for my students.  The room always smells super yummy.  I love the hum of pencils scratching on paper and a waft of fruity scents during Writer's Workshop.

I am saving my pennies to get myself a bucket of Smencils to start my school year off!

Before they get to break into all my goodies in the Writing Center they have to Earn their Right to Write! 

Watch this video to see what my Back to School Writing Journal is all about!  


Be sure to stop by The Schroeder Page to find out how my students Earn their Right to Write!  While you are there don't forget to download my FREE Preview of my Back to School Writing Journal and Writing Tool Kit labels.

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