A Sweet Year!

Hi Teaching Friends,

I know many of you may still be in the midst of your summer vacations, some of you may be enjoying the ending of your summer, and then there may be a certain amount of you, who like myself have to go to school tomorrow.

I have to be there at 8:00 a.m. I know it is a hard adjustment, especially when the temperatures are still nearing 100 degrees. However, this year, though it will be my sixth year in a classroom, is a first for me on many levels.

So many of you have shared in my journey. I hope you will share in the next stage as well. And thank you for continuing to support me in my absences as well. My blog has taken a slightly different approach this summer as I stumbled and tried to find my way. Nothing is ever guaranteed, even in teaching, and it's important we don't take that for granted.

My heart and tears bled for my students when I said goodbye back in May. I guess we never truly know.
Here's to a very sweet year, whenever the start of it may be.
- Sydney

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