Advice for the Incoming Class (of teachers)

The end of summer is approaching (I know, I know...don't throw tomatoes!)  and with the end comes the start of our new school year.   For many, it is just another year under our belt.  But for others, it is the very first time they will step foot in a classroom of their own.

Do you remember what it was like?  The challenges and struggles you had as a new teacher?  The hopes and dreams?   The tears?

For me, my first year was almost my last.  I was ready to hang my hat up and call it a day, until a veteran teacher came to save the day.   Oh, and that is me to the left there...during my first year!

So let's do that.  Come on over to my blog to read a story of my first year.  Then link up with your stories and advice for all of the incoming class (of teachers).  There is already a ton of advice for everyone and seasoned alike.  I can't wait to hear what you add into the pot!

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