Alternative Assessment Helper

If you are like me, then most forms of alternative assessment are a little scary to assign for fear of what will be turned in.  You can receive anything from the the barely done to the over-the-top (usually obvious a parent did it) type of project.  It always amazed me to see what I would receive on the due date.  Having such an open-ended project can be tough to assess as well.

I found out very early on that you needed a couple of things when assigning projects for grades that were open to interpretation:  clear expectations AND examples.  Without one or the other, you risk being disappointed when students turn in their work.  One way I have been able to combat that is by having a clear rubric with clear assessment guidelines.

If you head over to The Organized Classroom Blog, you can pick up your free copy of my rubric (which you can type right onto!) and see a few website resources that will help you to set your clear guidelines for grading as well.  Next time you assign a project, you will know what to expect on turn-in day.  :)

Good luck!

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