Are U Getting a Smartboard?

Friends~Are you getting a Smartboard this school year? Do you already have one and really want to learn to build lessons for your classroom?  Lessons that are tailored to your students and your style?  Well that is exactly how I felt when I got my Smartboard 4 years ago.  I am still amazed at all of the incredible learning opportunities that take place through my board.

For example,  during the holidays, we study how other countries celebrate the season.  In last 4 years room 331 has Skyped Holland, France, and Egypt to learn about their celebrations.  My students have had guest readers, stayed in touch with students that have moved, viewed several "field trips" and even met my long lost teaching buddy Mrs. Wood through our Smartboard.

We watch video clips to support our Science Units.  We play math games and we LOVE to use our games on our Smartboard!  They are a perfect match!

Room 331 has quizzed our neighbor's for Spelling Tests, we have interviewed one of our principals, we make interactive graphs, and the possibilities continue to grow.

I wanted to let you in on a wonderful opportunity.  I have created a Virtual Training site for Smart Notebook users. You can check it out at!

 I am a certified trainer and Exemplary Educator with Smart Notebook so I have had the opportunity to learn tons from this fantastic company. 

Check out this video about my Smartboard Bootcamp below!

If you want to learn more and get a FREE preview of my Smartboard Bootcamp Resource Manual just click my blog button below.  This manual is filled with 35 pages and 13 video tutorials about how to build lessons in Smart Notebook!  I sure hope you will come check it out:)

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