Helping Teachers & Teacher T-Shirts Giveaway!

Did you hear about the Back To School Bonanza campaign that is going on now? Watch the video below. This is absolutely ingenious!

We want to thank and reward our fellow
addicts for spreading the word! Be sure to find out, share and then enter below!

Who can help teachers get $10,000 in gift certificates? We can!

Here are some ways to promote the campaign so YOU can receive $25 to spend on teacher-created resources:
  • Pin about the BTSB campaign or repin one of our pins.
  • Add a BTSB button to your blog sidebar.
  • Post an article on your blog.
  • Post a message on your Facebook page.

Spread the word like wildfire and lead everyone you can here- Tell everyone - your friends, your family and your business contacts. The more contributions raised, the more Gift Certificates can be given away!

How can teachers sign up for an available gift certificate?

If you are an educator and would like to receive an available gift certificate to purchase resources to use in your classroom, visit the Teachers Notebook site and sign up starting on August 9, 2012.

Every educator wins when teachers help teachers!

You could earn 3 T-shirts (one for every member of your grade level team? three for yourself?) for helping spread the word! Share and enter today!

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