Beachside Learning!

Hi TBA friends!  Hope your weekend is going well!  I know many of you are out for the summer and may or may not be headed to the beach to enjoy some R&R.  I also know that your"teacher brain" never fully turns off and you are always looking for ways to incorporate learning in your classroom, whether you are a classroom teacher or homeschool family!

Being that my noggin does the same, I realized as I was working on my Beach Theme Classroom Essentials Set that fun items such as Goldfish crackers, hula hoops, shells, and beach balls have a ton of uses in the classroom learning environment!  I started writing a list and came up with 20 activities anyone K-6 could use with adaptations!  I have 3 of them in a little set ready on my blog for you to come grab free!

All the materials can be found at a local big box store, so even if you are landlocked, you can still enjoy the beachy summer fun all year around!

Stop at The Organized Classroom Blog to grab your freebie for your beach themed classroom or unit right now!  See you there!

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