BIG NEWS! Guided Math

I have REALLY BIG news!!

Laney Sammons, the author of Guided Reading: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction is going to participate in a Q & A session with us as part of the book study!!

Have you ever wanted to ask an author a question to clear things up for you? Or that would help you implement in YOUR classroom?  Do you have questions about how Guided Math can work in your classroom, with your kiddos? 

Well...ask away!
I am collecting questions for Laney over on my blog. Please click over & add your question(s)!

Would you like to find out more about Guided Math? Click on the can hop through the chapters we've read so far. It's not too late to join us!!

Psst! I also just posted my schedule for my Guided Math block. Come check it out & see what you think. I also have my Monday Made It....& one is a freebie!

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