Bringing Back an Oldie!

Friends~I am bringing back an oldie!  My Heart Tale: The Story of a Wrinkled Heart.  I know lots of you have done this in the past and I seem to always forget about in in August.  I think it is all the hustle and bustle of Back to School. 

You know the time when you sit with your class and discuss how words can be hurtful.  All the time you are cutting out a heart from bright paper.  You may tell the students that all of us start out with hearts smooth just like this one but when people say things that are unkind our hearts wrinkle. 

You have your students tell about times someone may have said something hurtful to them and when they begin to share you wrinkle the heart a bit at a time. 

After, you try to smooth the wrinkles and you do the best you can to make it look like new.  Eventually you and your students realize that the heart will never be the same.  This is such a simple way to show the power of words and how they can be helpful and hurtful. 

When I do remember to do this with my class, we always hang it up all year as a good reminder to all about how we should treat each other. 

It is always good to allow your students to write about how we can take care of our hearts and our friend's hearts!

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