Building a {classroom community} from the very first day

I love a good community building activity. In fact, I may have more books on feelings, emotions & appreciating uniqueness than I do on any other subject! Maybe it's because I know first-hand the effects bullying can have on a kid {or teenager} or maybe it's because part of my passion in working with little ones is that I honestly believe I can help transform them into good, loving people. I really do believe it's a super power only people who are called to teach possess!

A teacher I used to work with & very much look up to as an educator and all-around great person introduced me to the book A Rainbow of Friends by P.K. Hallinan. From there, this activity was born.
I initially used it with a reproducible from Mailbox magazine but I've seen the picture passed around Pinterest so many times {how fun is it for your own activities to pop up?!} that I figured I'd make a similar version that I CAN share.
Come get both versions {for girls or boys} at my blog. I think you'll find it to be a fun First Day of School activity as well as a beautiful representation of your class that you'll want to keep up all year long.  :)

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