Class Books...Do You Create Them For Your Classroom?

As a beginning teacher I find class books are the easiest, cheapest and most enjoyable way of building up my classroom library.  With the large amount of writing that my Grade 1 and 2 kiddies are required to do each day, displaying all of their work around the classroom in creative displays is not always an option.  Besides... who am I kidding, sometimes their handwriting is just not displayable!!  I want my students to know that their hard work is valued by me and by their classmates and creating class books has been a great way of achieving this.  My kiddies LOVE to choose class books during silent reading time and the class books themselves also inspire fabulous chat and memories about when the kiddies did the particular activity that is contained in the books.

Another fabulous use for classroom books that I found as a substitute teacher in the previous school year, was that they were a way to show the classroom teacher what work the students had done during my time with them as well as leaving a professional and personal 'part of myself within their classroom.  By doing this, the kiddies remember you, the teacher remembers you and if you are lucky, it can help you to get more substitute work with that particular class if you are often remembered by both students and the teacher!

Do you use class books in your classroom?  I would love you to stop by my blog and share your experiences with class books.  You can pick up my freebie class book cover sheet and writing template sheet for my class's latest class book relating to the writing prompt...'If a Monster Came to my Door....' while you are there!

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