Classroom Management Tips

Hello friends! It's been awhile but Mel D is in full school mode & ready to get back to it! I've been concentrating a lot on the new common core standards, finding ways to challenge my new set of gifted first graders & improving my classroom management plan. 

It's taken me YEARS to feel that I have complete control of the students. I presented my Classroom Management tips for the Everything Elementary's Expo! I get loads of questions on my magical warm fuzzies and my reward coupons. I really try to keep up with the's so hard. I decided to forward any questions to the presentation I did because all of the answers are there. Once you purchase the presentation, it's yours! Watch if over & over if you want in your pj's! I wish all professional development was just as easy! I am leaving a link to my presentation & my recent blog post regarding my coupons. 
If you don't know what warm fuzzies on the pic below to take you directly to my blog post about this amazing classroom management idea! 
 You might have seen the following floating around Pinterest. Click on the pic to take you to my latest post about these. This is by far the BEST (besides the fuzzies) management tool that I have created! I hope you can use some tips in your classroom this year! 
See you after I get back from NYC! 


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