Cutesify Your Classroom Part 2

Teachers are cute...right?  We like cute things and we LOVE to make our classroom look cute.  We are NOT boring!!  Last week we talked about making our classroom cute with some Alphabet Letters.  I loved the comments!  Someone is going to make a Fairy Tale cute!  Most of you can't stop thinking about how you want to CUTESIFY your classroom this coming year!  

Here are a few resources that I am using to add total CUTENESS to our "classroom" in the Fall...

Color Word Cards

When I use my Color Word Cards, I LOVE singing  and teaching the color words to the tune of BINGO!

Number Word Cards

If you want to read more about our Word Wall cards, then hop on over to The Moffatt Girls blog to read more.

Please share!  What is YOUR color scheme?  What are YOU doing to cutesify YOUR classroom?

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