Diffy Box FUN!

So--do YOU know what a diffy box is??

It starts like this... 

...and ends up like this!!!

Diffy boxes are wonderful for subtraction practice as well as thinking logically and finding/recognizing patterns and FUN for multiple grade levels!! Allow me to explain more!

The only thing your kids (or YOU) will have to know before using a diffy box is basic subtraction--that's it! (Diffy as in difference!) In fact, these can be fun for math nerds like me any adult too! You may find yourself doing these at a restaurant while you wait for your order (if you're cool enough to be a math nerd like me). Ready to try it??? Grab some paper, pencil and head on over to my blog--it won't take long!

Also, remember that tomorrow is the start of my "What's Your Teacher Story?" linky party! I'm curious to know your story?? We all got to the classroom somehow, most of us not taking the same path. Now is your chance to share your story with me and others! The party starts in the morning, so start reminiscing and get your posts ready!! :)

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