DIY Graphing Mat

I have spent the last week at an AWESOME math conference with Barbara Novelli of Creative Mathematics (think Kim Sutton, Greg Tang and Marcy Cook). It was called "Math Camp" and it was SOOOOO worth the 3 hour drive and money spent!! (Follow one of the links to find out more if you don't know who they are because EVERY teacher needs to hang out and learn with them!) Barbara Novelli and Kim Sutton have A-M-A-Z-I-N-G stuff, they are both incredibly knowledgeable teachers, and are just downright wonderful people. I share the same passion they do about educating children, specifically in math. We also share a very important stance--in order to effectively teach children mathematics, teachers MUST know math themselves! I had such a wonderful week. Did any of you happen to be there??

We did a plethora of awesome activities and I am now overloaded and overflowing with new ideas. One I would like to share is a graphing mat. Barbara had this awesome graphing mat that she purchased from online that she uses to make all sorts of bar graphs with students using real objects. We went through a few activities ourselves with her modeling several ways of discussing the graphs with students. We had a make-and-take session one day and instead of making all of the items she suggested (being the rebel that I am) I decided to make my own version of a graphing mat. (Don't worry, I plan on making her materials later when I have all of the colors, patterns, etc. that I want). :)

The grid I made is two-sided with room for 4 outcomes on one side and 2 outcomes on the other. The boxes on the grid are used to hold objects based on a particular question. 

Hop on over to my blog to read MORE about the mat and to see it in action! I've included a freebie that you'll want to grab! :)

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