DIY Response Boards

Happy Sunday, everybody! It's becoming crunch time for those of us whose summer is coming to an end. I've started on all of those projects I've been putting off since May! Here is one I started and will finish sometime this week.....I think.

At Math Camp we used response boards quite a bit during activities to respond to questions, problems, etc. It is basically a little chalkboard. You write on it with chalk and can erase it very easily. These are the ones that were already prepared for us:

She cut chalkboard contact paper and stuck it onto poster board.

My two camp buddies and I headed to Michael's on one of the nights in search of this contact paper (among other things). We actually ended up finding this cool chalkboard scrapbook paper pad.

Come on over to see how I made my own version of the response boards!

And, in other news, my 3-5 Math Station MEGA Pack is finished!! Making this pack made me a little sad not to be teaching 4th again next year--oh, well...1st grade, here I come!

Stop by to read more about the response boards and the station pack! :)

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