Do YOU Have a Classroom Theme?

Themes....classroom themes!  Do YOU have a theme for your classroom.  Please share.  Inquiring teachers want to know!  Is is a pirate theme?  A movie theme?  A Rainbow theme?   Please share so we can all get some more awesome ideas!

Themes are great because they let us add our own special touch to our classroom, our own unique style.
My theme this year...  I LOVE polka dots and I LOVE owls, so why not put them together?

I made some cute owl nameplates and I decided that they can be used for labeling things around my "classroom".

I also decided to add some shape word wall cards to our classroom this year....with polka dots...of course!

A few common classroom themes:
*The Beach
*Fairy Tales

So PLEASE...tell us YOUR classroom theme!  You can also hop on over to The Moffatt Girls blog to read more about our classroom theme and see how we "cutesified" alphabet cards, number cards, and word color cards!

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