Do you teach the upper grades?

Then this a post for you!

Our Guiding Readers book study is all about Struggling Readers in the Upper Grades right now.  Our great co-host for this chapter will be talking all about using guided reading in the upper grades and the many forms it can take- small group lessons, literature circles, even independent reading!

Some more topics that are be covered in this chapter are:

- What do we know about struggling readers?
- The research on reading volume
- Choosing appropriate texts
- Readability formulas
- Hi-Lo texts
- Using assessment to guide instruction
- Lesson Routines- this is really the highlight of every chapter for me as Lori gives fantastic, detailed plans that can be used in your classroom right away!

I would love to have all the UPPER GRADE TEACHERS out there come on over and join us for this chapter. We want to hear about guided reading in your classroom and would love for you to link up to our book study!

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