Does Guided Math apply to me?

One of my goals (I've shared this before) is to differentiate more effectively in my classroom. That's why when I found "Guided Math" by Laney Sammons, I was quite intrigued. How does one teach through "guided math"? What does "guided math" even mean? I could only assume that it shared at least some of the ideas of "guided reading" which isn't focused on as much in a grade seven classroom as in the younger grades. Would "guided math" even apply to me? I'll answer that last question with a great big Y-E-S!

So, I've finished the book and now I'm an expert in guided math -a master, really. Ha! Not even close! I do have three "take-aways" though, that I'm going to try to incorporate into my own classroom this year. I'm super-excited about what I learned with the book, although I'm still a little overwhelmed with how to get it all done! Come on over to Lessons From The Middle for my most recent post on how I plan to incorporate guided math into my class!

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