Easy Blogging Tips: see how to link your blog as you leave comments on other posts!

A few blogging101 tips for adding a custom signature to your comments & posts...

I recently left a comment on my friend's blog post.  Brett posted a great piece titled, "Rebooting Education."  Shortly after leaving my comment, he contacted me via Twitter to ask the following:

The natural motto these days seems to be, "It started with a Tweet..."  Well, this post (like many) was inspired via a Tweet.  Brett and I began going back and forth while many other people started jumping in our conversation (gosh, I love Twitter!).  Next thing you know, there was a hash tag and a request for a new Twitter chat, html for beginners.  #Inspiring

Adding a link in a comment: (your signature code for comments)
Copy the code below and add your specific information:
<i><b><a href="paste your entire url here">write what you want it to read</a></b></i>
Here is my example:
<i><b><a href="http://www.kleinspiration.com/">Kleinspiration</a></b></i> When you add a comment to a blog post, simply write your comment, add your closing (Thanks, Erin), and paste your signature code below your name.

Want to learn how to easily create your own custom closing for your posts like this one...

 {click here to see how to create a custom closing}


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