Emergent Student Book

Want to learn about my newest little creation?  It is a new Emergent Student Book called "My 5 Senses".  This little book is geared to address many important early literacy skills, from basic concepts of print to high-frequency words to developing fluency!  

This isn't like other emergent books that have the same repeating pattern of words on each page.  Instead, I varied the sentence structure throughout the book.  This helps to ensure that our little literacy learners focus on the words as they read instead of just memorizing the words by the pattern.  

I created this book for my little one after she requested to read more books about what is inside of our bodies. Here she is reading her book.  (She couldn't read without the 3D glasses on her forehead though!  Apparently they made her a "better reader" today!)  

Come on over to see what else is included in the download.  You will also learn how this little book will encourage your emergent reader to develop concept of word and take ownership of this text!

~ Mrs. McKown

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