Farley's Fabulous Fish

I have been in this great 3 week writing workshop
and I have learned TONS of neat and new ways to get kids to pre-write
one of my favorites involves this book

The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish
has moved on to my TOP 10 favorite books.
The illustrations are VERY unique and the story is twisted and unexpected...
after you read this
hand out a fish cut out
it needs to be big enough for the kiddos to write on
ask your kiddos to THINK of a time they traded something
and staying quiet continue to ask them thought provoking questions

Was your trade fair?
What did you trade?
When did you make this trade?
Who did you make the trade with?
Did you like the trade?

after the questioning tell the kiddos they are going to write about their trade on their fish
let them know if you plan on having them share their pre-writing
sometimes if you  let them know they do NOT have to share they are more willing to take risks in their writing
super cute right???

I thought it was a great way to get thoughts going and the mentor text is a great way to get those wheels turning!!!
how cute to do this activity with a little pack of goldfish snacks too... yummy!!! 

let me know what you think about this pre-writing idea and have you ever heard of this book?

I have one more thought wrenching yet engaging thing we discussed at my workshop but you will have to go check it out at my blog HERE!!!


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