Fern Smith's What Great Things Can Permalink Do For Your Blog?

 Oh.....I ♥love♥ seeing something new pop up! Don't you?
Permalink is NEW and WONDERFUL if you have a Blogger blog!
This feature is so cool and I couldn't wait to share it with you!
Permalink stands for Permanent Link and it is the URL that points to a specific page of a blog or website. It is unique in nature and is designed to be very "human-friendly" so that it will help YOUR BLOG in search engine rankings. 


This is the Permalink for this blog post, my web site is http://www.fernsmithsclassroomideas.com and then the text in red is the specific Permalink for this specific post. Blogger by default adds the year and month and then takes your title and adds hyphens to it, up to 39 characters. It also removes most punctuation, notice my ? is not part of the title.
However, you can also customize your own URL!
I use this feature when I am creating The Teaching Blog Addict's Freebie Fridays. I need to update the button each week with the current URL. By having the ability to create it myself, I know I can put it into the HTML for the button and the Grab Our Button Coy Box without any errors! :)
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