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I had hoped to post and link up yesterday with all the fun that was going on for International Blog Hopping Day...but I was sidelined by a horrible migraine! I couldn't even put the baby to bed. I just laid down with her, tried not to cry and waiting for my husband to come home from baseball. If any of you out there suffer from migraines...please know that I feel your pain!

But, on a brighter note I am up and feeling great today so I have a super fun FREEBIE for you to keep the party going! I have been reading and searching for all sorts of posts on "teacher binders" and have decided that I want one of these snazzy babies for myself. So I have been busy creating cover pages for the different sections I want in my binder, and even a few sections I know I don't want but that others would want...and I have it all free for you!

Please head on over to my blog to check out the freebies I have posted and please leave a comment...especially if there is a cover you want that I haven't created. I will get going on that and have it ready for you in no time. 

I have used Scrappin Doodles clipart in these cover pages and the frames are From the Pond. Please check out these create clip art artists who support teachers, if you haven't already! You can click on the links I have provided on my blog.

Thanks again and I hope everyone had a wonderful July 5th, blog hopping day!!

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