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Today July 25 and tomorrow July 26th, Amazon will be offering a free kindle book download for the book Our America...Pilgrim Adventure. I reviewed this book a few months ago and was just made aware that this will be listed for free on these two days.

This free book is in celebration of the newest book in the Our America series called King Philip's War Adventure. For folks who don't own a Kindle, Amazon has free apps so that you can read Kindle books on your computer or other readers. I read books on my ipod all the time.

Below is the trailer for The Pilgrim Adventure:
Finn & Ginny’s parents are lost back in time, and the two young twins have decided to go back to early America to find them. Their search takes the twins to the Mayflower where they discover that the Pilgrims had far more adventures than they had ever realized.
This first book in the Our America series is designed to teach the real story of the Pilgrims in such a fun way that the reader won’t even realize that it’s educational. The Pilgrim Adventure is based on actual accounts written by the Pilgrims themselves, and kids who read this book will find that by the end of the story they may know more about the Pilgrim’s adventures than their parents do. Ages 10 and up.

You can access this free kindle book at the bottom of my review page at  Our America 


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