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Going on homeschool field trips is one of the best ways to either ignite learning in a certain subject or finish out a unit on a certain subject. We have gone on lots of field trips over the years. Although it's easy to go on too many or not enough field trips, a good balance of field trips can help your children enjoy learning more than ever.

Field trips don't need to be expensive or far from home. I've listed a whole host of ideas of places you can go. Museums and big events are a given, but there is so much more to see. I hope my list of ideas will help you see that you can do lots of fun field trips quite close to home.

I also list some virtual field trips you can do from your computer. When going on field trips, bringing the right supplies always makes things run smoother. I've listed all the best things to bring and what not to bring.

When you're all done with your field trip you can download my free field trip page and have your child fill that in to save in your field trip notebook. Have fun!

Homeschool Field Trips


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