Freebie & more ideas for the Olympic Games

Are you ready for the Olympic Games?
Here are some more ideas to celebrate it with your kids

Olympic torch:
Explain to the children than an Olympic torch bearer runs to light the Olympic cauldron to start the games during the opening ceremonies.
Make an Olympic torch using a toilet paper and flames made of orange and yellow paper.
Ask the children to see if they can help the Olympic torch bearer to carry the torch to the Olympic cauldron.  
Encourage children to "stay on the path."

Olympic medals and crowns
Tell the children they are now going to make an Olympic medal to wear for the games.

You will need: 
Green construction paper 
Glue stick 
Sticky tape 
Cut a strip of paper about 1 1/2 inches wide. Measure it around the child's head and cut to size. 
Cut out many leaf shapes and glue them along the length of the strip leaving a couple of inches at either end. Tape the two ends of the band together.

Organize teams for play before the big day1. Plan the Olympic Games for the children.
2. Decide how many teams you will have. 
3. Divide the kids into the teams. 
4. Have each group decorate a banner with their team name and symbol. 
5. Meet with staff members regarding who is to do what.

And don’t forget..Everyone's a winner! 
Call each child's name, and pass out medals, certificates, and prizes
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