Getting Ready for Kindergarten (and a freebie, of course!)

I don't go back to school until September, BUT, it is never too early to start planning for me.  Although I have been teaching for many a few years, I still get anxious about starting a new year.  I get anxious for the same reasons I love my job:  it is a new crop of children , which brings new excitements, but also brings new challenges with it.  What worked perfectly well for my group of bambinos last year, could prove to be disastrous for this incoming group and knowing this gets me, well, anxious.
My advice to anyone who has anxiety about something is always to make a list, so, I took my own advice and made a list of considerations as I begin a(nother) new year in kindergarten.  One thing that I always advise new teachers or teachers looking for help is to have your attention signal ready to go:  feel confident with it, think about how you can practice it (maybe even in the form of a game).  See this cutie pie below? He is demonstrating my NO FAIL attention grabbing signal.  See how his mouth is closed and he is blowing out his cheeks?  No ability to talk!  See how his hands are on his ears?  Well, he can't be touching or doing anything!  Swing on in to Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business to find out about this management method, along with many other tips to help get you thinking about that first day planning!

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