Going for the Goal!

As the year begins, I like to start off with some goal setting and self-reflection activities.  Since I myself always take the time to set goals and think about how I can learn from my previous year, it makes sense to me to have the students do the same.

But this process can be rather boring.  So I decided to amp it up one year and create a Sports themed set of activities that not only got the students engaged in meaningful reflections, but made for some really cute bulletin boards as well!  (and go perfectly in this Olympic year!)

Come over to my blog to see how I incorporated all of these activities into my class.  See how you can make the bulletin boards you see here.  AND see how you can enter to win a Goal Pack of your own to use in  your room come the start of school.  You will get ideas for writing, art, classroom management, and much more.  See you soon!

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