The greatest tool for iPads in the Classroom!

Nearpod: the iPad Teacher's must have tool

Nearpod is a free app you can download to your iPad.  There are 2 free apps: a teacher app and a student app.  Once the apps are downloaded, the teacher can begin creating his or her presentations.  If you'd prefer, you can import your existing PowerPoints, etc. 

The teacher shares a unique Pin (sign in code) with the class.  This gives the user(s) access to the specific presentation/lecture/lesson.  Now, all devices are synced!  The teacher 'drives' the lesson by advancing slides while the student has the freedom to interact with the content on each slide as it's displayed.  I love that I can put the content directly into the hands of each of my students - no matter the seating location within the classroom.  

Teachers can host assessments in real time using the same process.  As students begin to answer in a safe, private manner, the results are automatically displayed to the teacher's device.  The teacher has the option to share individual results with specific students or whole class results (with names removed) so that deeper discussion can occur among the group.

A brief demonstration of Nearpod:

{click here to see my interview with the developer
and get a sneak peak inside the app


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